What We Do?

We offer our customers mobile software solutions in all areas , from job application to entertainment applications.
All mobile platforms: IOS ( iPhone, iPad, iPod) Android (smartphones,  all size tablets) Windows(smartphones, tablet), Web(HTML5)
Mobile Software analysis, design, research and development, test, support, data collection, integration with third party APIs, social networks, other mobile systems and existing software
Test model design and application (Proof of concept)
Business Applications (Management, Sales, Financial Reports, Sales Automation, CRM, Education)
Special applications integrated with e-commerce
ERP / SAP or special integrated automation applications
Multimedia applications (music, video, picture)
Entertainment applications (game)
GPS and Navigation applications (map)
We offer our customers strategic consultancy in all areas , from availability to performance problems , from scalability to architectural design.
Software requirements analysis
Technicality analysis of new and existing software
Software architectural design
Formation and application of data transfer rules
Performance analysis and improvement guidance
Guidance of data recovery in exceptional circumstances
Policy formation and application for providing business continuity, Installation and support of control tools.
Analysis of software development process, installation education and support for process management tools
Formation of software development testing systems and integration with existing systems
Installation, support, and consultancy of media control devices
We run a wide range of turnkey projects, from finance to telecommunication from public to real sector.
Special Project Team
Effective operation of project management standards such as PMI and Scrum
Customer centered transparent quality processes
Effective sommunication with stakeholders
Project management
Providing customer requirements
Software requirement analysis
Software architectural design
Software development
Software tests
Software delivery, beginning of production, application /accompaniment
Software maintenance

About Us

We like what we do and think that you will like too

We are a team made up of experienced specialists who believe in quality, work tirelessly, and are productive
We like to analyze, to design, to develop and measure, to dream and make the dreams come true
We ceaselessly work with pleasure to find the best solution for your requirements.

Our Keys to Quality
Customer Focus
Continuous Development
Analytical Approach
Collaborationist Approach
Overview of the Process
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Our valued customers

Bias Danışmanlık A.Ş.
Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı Avukatlık Bürosu
Belgin Madeni Yağlar A.Ş.
Belkim Kimyevi Maddeler Tic. ve San. A.Ş.
Mavisis Teknoloji En. San. Tic. A.Ş.
Ergun EFE IT Manager
We worked together with Eight Information Technologies on the installation and research of the best wiki application, as a part of software consultancy, to increase the information sharing within the corporation, to create a proper database for our internal process. We wish that the relation between the two corporations would provide a basis for bigger projects. We thank to the Eight Information Technologies’ personnel for their devoted working during the project.
Gürel GÜRDERE IT Manager
ATMS project was completed by Eight Information Technologies personnel within 3 months in accordance with our corporation’s requirements and processes. As well as being parallel with our company’s technological infrastructure, developed with most recent Java and other web technologies, this application is getting more and more improved with new add-on features and modules. We acknowledge Eight, Belgin, and Belkim for their hard work and hope that this project will be the beginning of the long years of cooperation between these three companies.

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